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Double Walled Corrugated (DWC)

The Dura-Guard™ duct is designed as a technically superior and cost-effective solution for replacement of GI, RCC and PVC pipes in fibre optic and electric cable networks. Manufactured from rugged and virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this duct has a double-walled construction. This unique construction, while making it light-weight, gives excellent mechanical properties like high ring stiffness, better impact strength and superior crush resistance. The smooth inner wall facilitates easy insertion of ducts and cables in Dura-Guard™.

The Dura-Guard™ duct has the ability to withstand heavy external loads when properly buried and back filled. Hence, it is ideally suited for usage as Jacket/Casing duct in those environments where direct placement of ducts and cables is not safe and easy.

The Dura-Guard™ Advantage

  • Much longer life as compared to GI, RCC and PVC pipes
  • Light weight and therefore easy to transport, handle and install
  • Ability to take heavy loads due to good mechanical properties
  • Chemically inert and therefore suitable for use in saline/coastal areas
  • No sharp edges and therefore safe for duct/cable installation
  • Flexible to take bends and curves around obstacles

Dura-Guard™ for protective casing of street lighting cable pole-to-pole application

Dura-Guard™ Comparison With RCC, GI And PVC Ducts

Property Dura-Guard™ Duct RCC Pipe GI Pipe PVC Pipe
Chemical Resistance Good resistance to acids & alkalis No resistance to  most alkalis & acids

Low resistanceto acids and alkalis

Moderate resistance to most alkalis and acids

Soil Settlement Being flexible, adjusts itself to soil settlement. Does not crack Does not adjust itself  to soil settlement and cracks Does not adjust itself to soil settlement and gets stressed
Does not adjust itself to soil settlement and cracks
Transportation & Handling Easy handling due to light weight. Cost of transportation is low Very heavy & brittle. Difficult to handle, chances of breakages during handling and transportation. Cost of transportation is high

Very heavy. Cost of transportation is high

Easy handling. However losses occur due to breakages caused due to its limited flexibility
Flexibility Flexible, can be bent to a radius as low as10 x O.D. of the duct Rigid, cannot be bent Rigid, cannot be bent Rigid, cannot be bent
No. of Joints Less number of joints. Can be supplied in coil form in length up to 30m More joints. Supply length 1.5 to 2.0m
More joints. Standard supply length 6.0m More joints. Standard supply length 6.0m
Laying of Additional Ducts/ Replacement of Ducts & Cables
Possible due to aligned joints, continuous length and smooth bends Not possible. High chances of breakages/damages. Re-digging is necessary Not possible due to sharp bends. Re-digging is necessary
Not possible as joints are of permanent nature. Re-digging is necessary

Dura-Guard™ Technical Details

Duct SIze (mm) Nominal O.D. (mm) Nominal I.D. (mm) Standard Supply Colors Delivery Length (mtrs)
1 50/38 50 38 Orange/Black 6
2 63/51 63 51 6
4 90/76 90 76 6
5 120/103.5 120 103.5 6
6 160/136 160 136 6
7 180/152 180 152 6
8 200/170 200 170 6

• In the above range, S. No. 1 to 5 can also be supplied in 30m coils. 12m length can also be supplied in straight lengths.
• Easy-to-fit couplers available for each of the above sizes (refer back page)
• Dura-GuardTM can be supplied in Green, Grey, Blue or a color of your choice. Please contact Dura-Line for customization   requests
• Available in following options as well:
a. With resistance to flame propagation property
b. With anti-rodent property

Quality Standard

Dura-Guard™ duct is BIS certified and manufactured in compliance with the relevant international and national standards like BS EN 50086 and IS 14930.

Mechanical Properties

Test Standard Value
Compression Test IS 14930 (Part 2) 450 N at 5% deflection at -5° C for 2 hrs
Impact Test IS 14930 (Part 2) No crack or split when 5 kg load is dropped from, a. 400mm height for Dura-GuardTM of nominal dia from 61 to 90mm
b. 570mm height for Dura-GuardTM of nominal dia from 91 to 140mm c. 800mm height for Dura- GuardTM of nominal dia above 140mm

Half-Split Dura-Guard™ is also available as 'half-split', which is very useful for protecting heavy cables and in situations when the cable or duct has already been laid.