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Fiber Optic Technology

Smoothwall duct is made from virgin, flexible HDPE and is used for Optic Fiber and copper cable networks. It can easily be swept to make gradual bends without special forming equipment.. It has Superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage. The inner wall of the duct is lined with ‘Silicore® ’.

Silicore® is a solid slick lubricant patented by Dura-Line Corporation. It is co-extruded with HDPE, and provides complete cable protection before, during and after installation.

Silicore® has following advantages:

  • It lasts as long as the Duct itself
  • Does not evaporate or burn out due to heat or friction
  • High volume of air does not dry it up or reduce its efficacy
  • Silicore® is preferred by all Network Builders of the world and is the Industry standard for duct lubrication
  • Its co-efficient of friction does not change with time
  • Silicore® supports blowing and pulling

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