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HDPE Power Ducts

HDPE Ducts with Silicore inner layer and designed in compliance with International and National specifications, offer FASTER, SAFER and EASIER methodology for building underground Electrical Networks. Special inside ribbed design offers high crush resistance and further reduces friction to facilitate Cable placement.
Features and benefits:
  • World renowned Silicore inner layer reduces friction between Duct and Cable significantly minimizing Pull Force requirement and keeping cable safe
  • Product designed for Installation through Plowing, HDD, Open Trenching, Saw Cut
  • High Ductility, Flexibility and UV stability
  • High ESCR and Crush resistance properties provide mechanical
  • protection to cable; enhancing life of the network
  • High flexibility reduces consumption of accessories
  • Super Slick inside surface reduces Pull force requirement significantly;
  • protecting cable damage due to tensile force
  • Facilitates maintenance and future upgrades
  • Reduces project installation costs and time
Product Downloads: