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Depth Measurement Duct with GPS Coordinates

The robustness and quality of Telecom Network is critically dependent upon proper depth of installation as per design. However, this is often seen to be compromised in the field and because of the nature of installation (underground) it is difficult to verify the adherence to specifications.

DuraSure™ Depth Measurement Duct helps overcome such problems that could lead to faults and consequently costly repairs. The co-extruded highly conductive copper wire encased in HDPE along the length of the duct transmits a signal that can be easily received by a hand-held Duct Locator. The signals give the exact depth and location of DuraSure™ duct which are displayed on the hand-held backlit LCD display, powered by the highly receptive gain paddle.


  • Telecom Network depth is not compromised
  • Telecom Network is laid according to route plan and design
  • Pests and rodents do not damage ducts (laid at improper depth)
  • Prevent un-intentional cuts by third parties
  • Reduces costs drastically
  • Duct Locator with multiple frequencies to optimize search
  • Ability to check your network before installing fiber
  • Easy & rapid AT

Integrated Copper Tracer Wire enables

  • Accurate Depth Measurement
  • Network Tracking
  • Precise ABD Preparation
  • Effective over Long Distance
  • Faster O&M and Upgradation

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