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Dura-Bend Electrical Conduit

In-Building Bendable HDPE Conduits for casing of Electrical Wires

Bendable HDPE Electrical Conduit is a technically superior and cost effective solution for casing electrical, communication, data cables in 'In-building' applications replacing PVC pipes. Made from virgin High Density Polyethylene resin, Dura•Bend is tested in compliance with relevant ASTM-D, BS, EN, BIS standards.

Advantages of Dura•Bend

Bendable – Easy to negotiate bends and turns
Dura•Bend is strong yet flexible enough to take bends and turns minimizing the need for joints, requiring lesser fittings and accessories ensuring reduced wastage of conduit.

Reduce installation & repair time
The super slick inner Silicore® lining present in Dura.bend greatly reduces the co-efficient of friction. This enables easy and faster pulling of wires and cables reducing installation time.

Fast cable replacement/upgradation at a lower cost
The Silicore® lining also enables easy cable removal for repair or upgradation.

Easy to transport and handle
Dura•Bend is light in weight and is supplied in 50 meters, 75 meters & 100 meters coils, making it easier to load, transport and handle even for installation in high rise buildings. Longer lengths can also be supplied as per customer requirement.

High crush resistance over PVC pipes
Dura•Bend has high crush resistance compared to PVC pipes. These are not brittle as PVC pipes and do not crack under overload conditions.

Ultra-violet protection
Dura•Bend has excellent UV protective properties and do not become brittle even when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged duration.

Chemically inert
It is chemically inert and does not emit any harmful gases upon combustion (PVC emits carcinogenic chlorine gas upon combustion).

Corrosion resistant
Unaffected by electrolytic or galvanic corrosion.

Longer life
Dura•Bend is durable and has a designed life in excess of 50 years.

Perfect di-electric
Best shielding/insulation material for carrying live-wires. Reduces chances of current leakage.

Low electro-magnetic interference
Enables high speed data transfer, ensures digital quality AV signals and high signal-to-noise ratio in voice lines.

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