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In-Building Solutions (IBS)

Dura-Line manufactures a wide range of highly specialized application MicroDucts and bundled FuturePath products for use Inside Buildings & in Hazardous areas where Fire, Smoke, Toxicity are critical factors in consideration for Human & Asset safety. These Products & Solutions comply to relevant International Standards and National Building Codes; while offering desired flexibility & versatility in Network Building & future expansion.

Low Smoke Halogen Free, fire-retardant material, which is recommended for indoor and tunnels application Manufactured to relevant EN & IEC standards and in COLOURS to suit USER requirements.

Hybrid LSHZ
FuturePath design with standard MicroDucts bundled with LSHZ oversheath.

FuturePath Riser rated products are used within buildings whether vertical or horizontal, back bone applications and workstation drops. Products UL/ETL listed to UL 2024.

Plenum Rated
FuturePath Plenum with super slick Silicore permanent lining is used exclusively in Plenum applications such as designated return air plenums and under floor return airspaces.

CIC (Cable-in-Conduit) Micro Ducts are factory installed with micro fiber cable during manufacturing

  • SILICORE® lining (Riser and Plenum rated )
  • LSHZ per IEC standards and Riser as per UL standards
  • Supply length customized
  • Ideal for MDU and FTTx applications Inside Buildings
  • CIC MicroDucts sizes ranging from 5/3.5mm to 16/12mm

MicroDucts can also be offered with pre-installed pull-string in coils for quick cable pulling at site

For standard diameter Conduits, we are pleased to offer Durathane products.

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